Solar Link ZERO

Solar Link ZERO is a photovoltaic (PV) power generation measurement and display system consisting of a compact monitoring terminal with integrated dada logger, internet gateway, and web server. Powered by a CPU running Linux OS, this system can easily be placed in a monitoring enclosure.

A compact, remote photovoltaic monitoring and presentation system.

Our robust, all-inclusive system collects raw data from your PV System and transforms it into comprehensive charts and graphs. These animated and informative graphics can be viewed on a connected display or uploaded to a server for remote viewing.

Solar Link ZERO Terminal can measure inverter output, revenue & consumption meters, weather stations, and other devices via 2 RS-485 and 1 RS-232c ports. With a simple internet connection, the collected data is uploaded to a cloud server where users can remotely monitor their PV system. Through a single ZERO Terminal, users can monitor 10 inverters simultaneously. Multiple ZERO Terminals can be connected to a single internet connection, making it easy to monitor large solar plants with minimal configuration required. For sites without an Internet connection or for sites desiring public kiosks, ZERO Terminal also comes equipped with DVI-D video output and customizable presentation software.


  • Collect PV System generation data, weather data, and meter data
  • String-level monitoring available
  • Integrated data logger and internet gateway
  • RS485 / RS232c serial, USB, Ethernet, and DVI-D video ports
  • Kiosk mode with customizable displays
  • Display PV System description, performance, and environmental benefits
  • Detailed failure history log
  • Up to 8Gb of data storage