Solar Pro

Solar Pro 4.3 Beta Solar Pro 4.3 Beta (Solar Pro) is a robust PV design and energy simulation solution with integrated 3D-CAD, advanced 3D shading analysis & animations, and accurate solar electricity generation calculations.

Helps the user create, analyze, and perfect PV system design.


As a leader in PV design software, Solar Pro is the optimum software choice for solar installers, developers, and engineers. It allows users to visualize shading and configure module coverage easily and accurately. From the initial layout to 3D shading analysis and accurate energy calculations, Solar Pro helps the user create, analyze, and perfect PV system design.


This sophisticated software is accessible to anyone with a basic understand of PV system fundamentals. It provides accurate performance modeling and is the ultimate end-to-end solution for solar PV system designs. Solar Pro is for any professional working with customers or clients and those interested in PV software. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Site Surveyors
  • System Designers
  • Field Technicians
  • Engineers/Architects
  • Salespersons
  • Analysts

Solar Pro is designed to be simple, concise, and easy-to-use!


Solar Pro is used to create 3D models of residential, commercial flat-roof, ground-mounted, and single & dual-axis tracker PV systems.

The shading effects of each object created in Solar Pro, including trees, buildings, and adjacent PV arrays, can be easily visualized on a minute-by-minute basis, 365 days of the year.

Solar Pro predicts hourly electricity generation using scientific, industry-standard mathematical models. IV Curve calculations are performed at the module level and take into account irradiation & temperature data, shading, and other detailed loss factors.


Solar Pro software saves time and money by standardizing the sales and design process, enabling various departments to use the same platform and seamlessly share project details. Through the use of wizards or direct editing, it has the ability to model the system scheme in every detail.

Solar Pro streamlines the PV system engineering workflow by consolidating 3D CAD layouts, shading analysis, power generation calculation functionality, and reporting into one software solution.

Sales teams use this data to:

  • Develop sales proposals
  • Enhance client presentations with 3D designs and animations
  • Develop quick and standardized sales processes
  • Present accurate hourly power generation data and energy calculations to clients, creating an added level of client confidence
  • Create detailed economic analyses

Engineers and Designers utilize Solar Pro software for:

  • Advanced 3D shading analyses
  • Site selection
  • Accurate energy calculations
  • Design optimization
  • System layouts
  • Fast string design
  • Detailed and highly customized reports


3D-CAD DESIGN: Build realistic 3D representations of residential, commercial, or utility-scale PV systems in Solar Pro’s CAD interface. Use performance modeling to generate calculations, shade analysis, and client presentations.


  • Guided design using the Simulation Wizard
  • Roof templates for common residential and commercial roof designs
  • Roof plan input for more complicated roof shapes
  • Ground mounted arrays
  • Single and dual-axis trackers
  • Ability to import google map images and CAD files (dxf format)
  • Ability to export to CAD file format (dxf)

SHADING ANALYSIS: Through integrated 3D CAD and sophisticated algorithms, create detailed and accurate shading analyses that track the sun’s path throughout the year.


  • Model near shading objects with automatic height adjustment using Solmetric SunEye data
  • Calculate far (horizon) shading using SunEye data or manual user input
  • Time tracking bar that allows visualization of the shading effects minute by minute throughout the year
  • Completely integrated support for inter-array shading and single & dual-axis trackers.
  • Shading animations in 3D
  • Shadow trajectory and reflected light visualization

POWER GENERATION CALCULATION: Accurate power generation calculations are performed based on the equivalent circuit module model.


  • Module-level IV Curve calculations
  • Quick string design using the Simulation Wizard
  • Detailed string and electrical design
  • Support for solar modules and inverters in the Photon database
  • Supports all popular weather data formats as well as user-generated meteo files: TMY3, Meteonorm, METPV, Monsola-1 1, SolarGIS
  • Daily and annual power generation reports and graphs

OUTPUT & REPORTING: Solar Pro supports a project’s success with animated client presentations, design drawings, and detailed reports.


  • Animated shading simulations, shadow trajectory, and reflection visualizations
  • Print layout and designs and export to CAD formats (.dxf file)
  • Generation of IV comes and IV curve calculations, power generation graphs, and color-coded string configurations
  • Generation of fully customizable reports with detailed graphs and tables
  • Export hourly performance data to CSV